Kelna Toodoo


A nervous, shifty-eyed duros. Like all of his race, Kelna has blue-green skin, and large red eyes. His noseless face is constantly set in an expression of worry or panic. Skinny and tall for his race, Kelna has the build and demeanor of one who avoids physical labor at all costs.


The party first met Kelna at the White Door, on Coruscant. Kelna laid a trap in an attempt to kill the party, specifically Way Hem and Siun, believing them to be Jedi. It was discovered Kelna was under the unwilling employ of a hutt named Beedar, who wished Way Hem and Siun dead, although Kelna knew nothing of why. Kelna is now fleeing Beedar’s wrath, and appears to be cooperative to the group.

Kelna Toodoo

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